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Research Roundup from Living Without Feb/Mar 2012

If you know me in practice, you know that I like to have science and biochemistry to lead my treatment plans or when introducing new therapies.  I also think its very important to help my clients understand their bodies and their biochemistry so that they can be a true participant in their overall health.

So, today I thought I’d pass on a information from a great new column from the Living Without magazine.  You’ve heard me rave about this magazine before and this column is yet another great feature.  This column provides a brief review of recent medical news regarding food sensitivities and allergies.  You can access the full link here:  Research Roundup by Christine Boyd Feb/Mar 2012: Good Bacteria at Birth, Celiac Pill and more.

This episodes discusses research that looks at the changes in an infants normal flora as a result of elective C-section and hospital vs home birth, hiding veggies in kids foods significantly increases their veggie intake without affecting their intake or liking of foods, food sensitivities as a trigger for irritable bowel,  the association between undiagnosed Celiac disease and ADHD, a new enzyme treatment for Celiac disease in clinical trials, and higher BPA levels in pregnancy appear to be associated with mood and behavior complaints in the resulting children.

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